I'm Kassie Duggan,
an entrepreneur seeking greater freedom, adventure, and authenticity in life.

My mission is to focus on living a life that supports what makes me feel most alive and thriving - and helping you do the same.

Learn to take yourself seriously and get the most out of your life.

I learned the hard way that constantly pursuing a salary and the never-ending list of qualifications for “success” in the world can lead to burnout.


In other words, a modern-day “normal” lifestyle has just not been for me.

I spent most of my childhood traveling with my family and realized there’s so much to explore in the world and countless ways to find happiness. Eventually, I realized that what society calls “success” often feels confining, like a prison, and I wanted to break free.


It’s tough when you know you need to do things differently than those around you, but you lack the resources and support to make your business thrive. Sometimes it feels like your business controls you.


Believe me, I’ve been there too. I know how it goes, and that’s why I’m here to assist. I offer various resources for creative, free-spirited business owners and lifestyle seekers who are ready to achieve their own version of success.

Ways to Work With Me

After years of working in startups and pursuing a career in digital marketing, I left a promising future at one of the top agencies in the U.S. to pursue my own business. Since then, I’ve utilized everything I’ve learned about marketing and business development to build a reliable systems and frameworks for my clients. These same systems have helped in growing multiple startups and small business, and are often found behind-the-scenes for multi-million-dollar agency clients.

My full service, remote agency team can give you the support you need for all of your design, marketing, administrative tasks. We offer a brand-first approach to everything we do and our goal is simple: GROWTH.

1:1 Brand Consulting

Leverage my expertise in 1-on-1 calls to bridge the holistically look at your brand: from messaging, audience, visuals, strategy, and more, I can help you bridge the gap between an idea and a brand that authentically connects with its audience!

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