Exploring the UK on a Budget with House-Sitting

If you’re not familiar with housesitting, it’s basically an arrangement in which you stay and care for someone’s pets while they’re away on holidays, and in exchange you live in their home. It’s a straight-up win-win situation. Furthermore, if you’re like us and adore pets but aren’t ready to settle down with any yet, it’s a great way to enjoy them and still get to travel.

The 9 Reasons I Quit Corporate Life (and Never Plan to Go Back)

I’ve been very fortunate in my work opportunities these last couple of years, seeing as I have no degree and I’ve been self-taught in almost all of the digital marketing skills I have. What started out as a goal 5 years ago has actually turned into reality – much to my surprise! And one of my biggest goals in pursuing digital marketing was to work for a fast-paced, cutting-edge marketing agency.

2023 Goal-Setting: a 24-Year-Old’s Marketing Agency Launch, World Travel Plans, and More

These last several weeks I’ve been condensing my personal items to fit into two just backpacks – one for clothes, shoes, and such, and the other for all of my remote work gear. Not that this comes as a surprise to anyone that knows me, but I also don’t know where I’m going to be living beyond the next couple of weeks.