I'm a Musician, Entrepreneur, & Lifelong Learner

Just a passionate twenty-two year old learning about and trying to leave an impact on the world with self-mastery, creativity, and purpose.

My goal is to lead the way of living the most authentic, meaningful life possible and, with any luck and success, inspire others to do the same.

How I Do This


Check out Kassie’s original works as a pianist and retro soul recording artist of 10+ years, including her debut single, “Cry”


Learn more about the startups and other ventures Kassie has been involved with over the years


Kassie and her two flatmates in London started this podcast in 2020, shortly after the lockdowns began. Here they explore ideas, creativity, and life


Kassie has been an avid writer her whole life and has recently begun to share her ideas on psychology, personal development, travel, and more her blog 


Listen to Kassie’s single “Cry”, produced by Grammy-winning producer Jason Perry and co-written with her sisters and songwriter Julian Emery.


Recorded at ICP Studios in Brussels, Belgium. 

I was born in Idaho, USA to adventurous and entrepreneurial parents. Things were bound to be a bit unconventional from the start.
I began pursuing business as a way live according to my own rules and in order to create without limits, hoping I might crack the code and help other passionate individuals along the way.

Radical authenticity as a lifestyle

One of my life’s guiding principles is that honoring one’s innate originality is the single greatest way to live a meaningful life and have an impact. I truly believe that the world would be a far greater place if more people were true to themselves and cultivated a life that nurtured their passions.

The endless pursuit of greater understanding

Always reading, always writing, and always thinking. Check out my blog to see some of the newest things I’m learning and writing about!