I'm Kassie Duggan,
an entrepreneur seeking greater freedom, adventure, and authenticity in life.

My mission is to focus on living a life that supports what makes me feel most alive and thriving - and helping you do the same.

From Corporate hustler to full-time entrepreneur, traveler, & creative putting Fulfillment first.

Learn to take yourself seriously and get the most out of your life.

I learned the hard way what it meant to be burnt out always chasing a salary and the endless list of “qualifications” needed to be successful in the world.

Let’s put it this way – 9-5 career life was NOT for me.

I spent most of my childhood traveling abroad with my family. During this time I realized how much there was to see in the world, and just how many ways there are to live and be happy. It was only a matter of time before I realized that what we’re sold as “success” feels a lot more like a prison for some of us. And one I couldn’t wait to get out of.

It can be challenging knowing that you must do something different than those around you, yet you don’t have the resources or support you need for your business to thrive – and to really reap the rewards of owning your own business. Sometimes it feels like your business owns you instead.

Well, I’m here to help. I offer a wide range of resources for the free spirited, creative business owners who are ready to scale their business and reach their own definition of success.

Ways to Work With Me

After years of working in startups and pursuing a career in digital marketing, I left a promising future at one of the top agencies in the U.S. to pursue my own business. Since then, I’ve utilized everything I’ve learned about marketing and business development to build a reliable systems and frameworks for my clients. These same systems have helped in growing multiple startups and small business, and are often found behind-the-scenes for multi-million-dollar agency clients.

My full service, remote agency team can give you the support you need for all of your design, marketing, administrative tasks. We offer a brand-first approach to everything we do and our goal is simple: GROWTH.

Brand Consulting

Leverage my expertise in 1-on-1 calls to bridge the holistically look at your brand: from messaging, audience, visuals, strategy, and more, I can help you bridge the gap between an idea and a brand that authentically connects with its audience!

Agency Experience

What My Clients Say

"Kassie's services have been invaluable as my company navigated a huge transition. She not only helped clarify my brand's story and vision but helped me create an effective game plan for social media marketing. Kassie knows what she's talking about and backs up each move with proven strategies which made me feel confident as we set goals."

Tyler Shae

"Kassie is an incredibly talented, skilled marketer with strong savvy knowledge on the industry and how to best speak to target audiences. PR flows naturally for her - she understands how to best connect brands with appropriate media connections. She has a great eye for design, strong sense of copy, and also has a large perspective which helps her tackle every task with the big picture in mind. She truly understands social media, and how to leverage that tool for various businesses. She is extremely dedicated and reliable, and goes above and beyond any expectations. I highly recommend her as a invaluable resource for all marketing needs."

Linda Miriam

"I had the pleasure of hiring Kassie Duggan to design a website and personal image for my professional chef career and she did an outstanding job. She got a feel for the design and layout I was going for and ran with it, creating a unique, modern, and functional site that looks amazing too. She also assisted with getting my other social media platforms up and running. Her communication and time management was great, her prices were fair, and overall I’m extremely pleased with her work. I would not hesitate in recommending her services and plan on keeping her around to help with my future marketing."

    James Temple

    Private Chef

    "I have worked with Kassie over the last several months on creating a a specialized web site for high-end golf equipment. She has been invaluable with her expertise, professionalism and creativity in creating a site that looks beautiful and very intuitive to use. She has also provided me with tools to manage my site, as well as edit it. I have already referred her to a fellow Entrepreneur and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to pursue their dreams! Thanks Kassie!"

      Steve Hardy

      Founder, Putter Geeks


      Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level.